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Interviews following Juno flyby of Great Red Spot (July 2017)
New York Times interview: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Gets Its Close-Up
Boston Globe: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot got its close-up — and now the photos are in
Voice of America, for English learners: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Captured Close-up

Press release: Heating above Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (2016)

Release featured on front page

NASA: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Likely a Massive Heat Source
BBC News: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot ‘roars with heat’
New York Times: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Also Very Hot
LA Times: Why is Jupiter extra-hot over the Great Red Spot?
NPR radio interview: How Jupiter’s Red Spot Makes Things High Above It Hot, Hot, Hot
New Scientist: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is making its atmosphere hotter with video: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is Also Red Hot
The Verge: The atmosphere above Jupiter’s Great Red Spot…
ABC News (Australia): Jupiter’s Great Red ‘Hot Spot’ may explain atmospheric mystery
The Guardian (UK): How Jupiter’s great red spot turns up the heat on planet’s atmosphere
Physics World: Great Red Spot powers up the heat on Jupiter
Fox News: Scientist say Jupiter storm heating up parts of atmosphere
CNN: Jupiter’s giant red storm makes its atmosphere hotter than molten lava
Smithsonian: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Also Red Hot
Popular Science: Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Is Mysteriously Hot
Physorg: Jupiter’s great red spot heats planet’s upper atmosphere
Spiegel (Germany): Das Geheimnis des Roten Flecks
The Conversation: The power of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot: enormous storm may be heating the atmosphere
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Press release: Saturn’s Ring Rain (2013)

Release featured on front page

NASA: Blame it on the Rain (from Saturn’s Rings)
New York Times: Language on Twitter, Saturn’s ‘Ring Rain’ and More
Los Angeles Times: It’s raining on Saturn, and the rings are responsible
New Scientist: Saturn’s rings leave ghostly imprint on atmosphere Regen aus den Saturnringen
The Conversation: Space oddity: how Saturn’s rings are rainmakers
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