Rainin lts pipette user manual

Operating Instructions Manual Pipettes with RFID PipetLite XLS Singlechannel Multichannel Adjustable Spacer The microcomputer communicates operating parameters and status to the user via a liquid crystal display and a tone generator.

It receives commands from the user via a RAININ EDP Electronic Pipettes measure liquid volumes from one to 2500 microliters In addition to this instruction manual, the EDP package should contain 1. The EDP RAININ PipetPlus pipettes redefine manual pipetting. PipetPlus differs from conventional manual pipettes by using a latch trigger mechanism and aspiration rate controller.

These features improve precision from sample to sample and from technician to technician. Rainin pipettes including the LTS, EDP, and XLS lines, are meticulously crafted for the most ergonomic experience. Eliminates userbased variance and ensures maximum precision. For any application from pipetting to dispensing mixing and titrating. The EMan Hybrid pipette retains the control and feel of a traditional manual New to ShopRAININ? As a registered user, you can benefit from additional Durable highperformance manual pipettes by Rainin are precisionengineered to deliver accurate, repeatable results and smooth, ergonomic pipetting over the long term.

Low spring forces and lowdrag seals make Rainin manual single channel, multichannel, and adjustable spacer pipettes comfortable to Mettler toledo Rainin PosD 100? L Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Mettler toledo Rainin PosD 100? L Operating Instructions Manual Rainin pipettes are calibrated with Rainin tips, and performance to published specifications can only be guaranteed when Rainin tips are used.

To mount a tip, press the pipette

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