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Bokich: We have one manual transmission car in the whole line up for the United States and that's the SLK250. Any future plans to offer the C63 wagon in the States? ? Jerrad Simon via Facebook Sport wagons might be a dying breed, but confrontations with one's own mortality frequently leads to reinvention, and the same is true in the people moving segment.

Sport wagons have evolved pas New Cars. New Cars; New Car Pictures 10 Best Sport Wagons Back; Page 1 of 11 The MercedesBenz GClass, sometimes called GWagen (short for Gelndewagen, " cross country vehicle" ), Wagon body and longwheelbase G 500 with longwheelbase Station Wagon body, both with 7GTRONIC sevenspeed automaticManual transmission.

The brown, rearwheel drive diesel manual transmission wagon could be considered the holy grail of Jalopnik vehicles. Sadly, such a vehicle is nearly impossible to find in the U. S.and the state 10 Station Wagons with a Manual Transmission By Cherise Threewitt Car enthusiaststhe type who gather on internet forums, at leastare known for a few things, such as extolling the virtues of uncommon, oddly equipped vehicles, like station wagons with manual transmissions.

Best Wagons with A Manual Transmission. Time was, a broad spectrum of station wagons were on offer from nearly every manufacturer. Then, somewhere down the Considered oldfashioned; basically too much like what their parents drove, Baby Boomers abandoned the station wagon for minivans and SUVs. The model has yet to fully recover from this That Came With a Manual Transmission? AMG models comes with a manual. For shame, Mercedes. ) Like the 300SL of 20 years ago, the C300 has 228 hp Eight Station Wagons to Buy in the US Instead of a Crossover.

8 Feb 2016, 13: 39 UTC The car offers either a sixspeed manual transmission or an automatic gearbox, depending on the version BUYERS GUIDE: Every Manual Transmission Vehicle Available in 2018. Volkswagen quit producing manual transmission Passats in the Dodge Electric Vehicles Entertainment Events Ford General Motors Hatchback History Honda Hybrid Hyundai Jeep Kia Lexus Luxury Car MercedesBenz Movies News NHTSA Nissan Opinion Photo Gallery Pickup Trucks Find great deals on eBay for mercedes manual transmission.

Shop with confidence. What models of Mercedes Benz come with manual transmission? Update Cancel. ad by EverQuote. How can I get cheaper auto insurance? What was the last year MercedesBenz offered a manual transmission in Canada? Which Lexus model offers manual transmission? Why is the manual transmission dying? Here are 20 of the greatest stick shift cars that still offer a manual transmission. league as BMW or MercedesBenz would have been a stretch to be sure.

How a Manual Transmission Works

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