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As businesses structure their financial transaction operations, a decision needs to be mademanual or computerized accounting. While many consider paper ledgers proven and trustworthy, more and more businesses are transitioning to accounting software. According to a recent analysis by Business News Daily, the top 3 accounting software programs include: # 1 Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting Computerized Accounting Vs Manual Accounting Pdf 1115 Responsibility for Accounting System.

1116 Manual vs. Computerized Systems. 1117 Separate Sets of The introduction of computerized accounting systems provide major advantages such as speed and accuracy of operation, and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to see the realtime state of the companys financial position. Manual versus Computerized Accounting Ever since Lucas Pacioli wrote about and spread the knowledge of double entry accounting in his Summa di Arithemetica in 1494, modern manual accounting was born (Hendrickson, 2007), though manual accounting has existed in Manual accounting, for the purposes of this paper, is the completion of the accounting cycle by hand without the use of a computerized accounting system.

The accounting cycle for manual accounting is the process by which companies produce their financial statements for a The research will be centered upon computerized accounting while examining what accounting is, the difference between manual and computerised accounting, the pros and cons of computerised accounting and characteristics of financial reports generated as a result of adopted computerized accounting systems, Cost, human resource proficiency and business, the manual method of financial accounting and management is being gradually replaced In addition the cost of the system versus the Manual accounting systems have a history that dates back to the beginnings of commerce, with thousands of years of development largely replaced in the last halfcentury by computerbased methods Accounting for the financial transactions of a business is an important function of daily operations.

Developing and using a proper accounting system will ensure all transactions are recorded correctly and accurately on the companys general ledger. Although computerized accounting offers a number of advantages, a wellorganized manual system can also be highly efficient and may be the better option for some small businesses. As with any Speed Computerized accounting produces information much faster than manual accounting.

Accounting software packages, such as QuickBooks and Peachtree, come with builtin databases Manual Versus Computerized Accounting Restaurant report accountant's corner record keeping, manual versus computerized accounting systems business records

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