Wadia 121 vs rega dac manual

Oct 18, 2012 I heard the Wadia 121 last night at my local dealers computer audio presentation. All of the equipment was high end except for the DAC's (Rockport Miras, Electrocompaniet Nemo amps, Electro pre, and top of the line Transparent cableing all around. ) Since the Wadia 121 can operate as a stand alone DAC I can always add another headphone amp to the mix to drive difficult to drive heaphones. With its big price drop from 1299 to 799 its a great value.

Nov 26, 2012 Dear All, I just recieve my new WADIA 121 DAC. I conected it to the olive trough the USB port adn to the AMP but not sound is coming out.

I doubt I have make a wrong cnection. View and Download Wadia 121 manual online. 121DecodingComputer. 121 Desktop pdf manual download. Upon first look its easy to see the Wadia 121s resemblance to other components in Wadias" mini line, including the 171i iPod dock and 151 PowerDAC. Like these other components, the 121 was designed for use in a computeraudio system where it functions as a digital preamp, DAC, and The Wadia 121 Decoding Computer is a highperformance DACdigital preamplifier with a complete set of digital inputs, balanced analog outputs, digital volume control, and a headphone output section.

Just connect your iTransport, Computer, Streaming Audio source, or any other digital audio source, and experience exceptional audiophile sound quality. M2Tech's Young, the DAC that immediately preceded the Wadia 121 in my system, proved a hard act to follow.

The Young's seductive, luxurious sound had successfully drawn me away from the ultimate accuracy I usually prefer. Jul 29, 2015 I have the Wadia 121 DAC with LPS, and I now own the Di122 and I am very happy with this new unit. Even without a LPS I find it better sounding all around than the 121 with its LPS. The 521 is the last DAC made by the Wadia team prior to the take over by Fine Sounds in 2011 and as such I consider it to be the last of its kind.

That is, the last DAC made following the same standards and ideas set by the team that also produced the well known 861 CD player and 27 DAC. Although Aug 17, 2012 The Wadia 121 Decoding Computer DAC In an effort to avoid confusing readers let me state that the Wadia 121 is a DAC with a more descriptive name and extra features such as volume control and a headphone output.

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