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Sep 10, 2008 You should probably check out the new Massey DeEsser. All of this guys plugins are topnotch, and really affordable. If anybody knows how to fix it without resorting to manual editing, please let me know; ) Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Registration benefits include: Deessers are commonly used on acoustic guitars whose pick attack is a bit too much and on drums with harsh cymbals.

I encourage anyone to play around with Massey De: Esser in these kinds of situations, especially on drum overheads, where I had very good results dealing with some bright, tight hihats played with nylontip sticks. After downloading the great demo of the Massey DeEsser from their website, installation was a breeze and I was able to use the plugin in Pro Tools within minutes.

Across the board, there isnt anything to complicated about this plugin, but it can really do a ton of things for you.

The In this mixing tutorial video Fab Dupont explains what a deesser is and how to correctly use them. Learn the concepts behind deessing and then compare 6 different plugins and hardware de essers.

How to Use a Deesser on Vocals. Free Video. 21min (144) Massey DeEsser; Waves Renaissance DeEsser; Sonnox SuprEsser; Eiosis E2 DeEsser Manual zz.

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creates versatile, affordable and elegant plugins that have earned the status of 'musthaves' for mixing in Pro Tools. Nicely designed, the Massey De: Esser sounds great and has revolutionary features, while being a deeper plugin than you might expect from a deesser. Deesser As it name says DeEsser v 3.

9 Aug 5, 2014 You can signin with your 440Software account (MacMusic, PcMusic, 440TV, 440Forums, 440Software, ) or via FaceBook, Twitter or Google. Other Software Compressor. The Massey CT4 compressor provides clean and smooth gain reduction, but with a little punch.

The moosers's review Massey Plugins Massey DeEsser Massey Plugins Massey DeEsser. Massey DeEsser, Software deesser from Massey Plugins. 1 user review. Product presentation. User reviews Unless you are unfamiliar with deessers in general, a manual isnt necessary.

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