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City of Hendersonville Stormwater Design Manual Hendersonville, NC PURPOSE The purpose of the City of Hendersonville Stormwater Design Manual is to provide the minimum standards for the design of stormwater systems and stormwater best management Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual shall govern the design The BMP Manual presents technical and engineering procedures and criteria needed to comply with BMP design requirements contained in postconstruction storm water ordinances and watershed protection overlay ordinances in the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and the six Towns.

Stormwater BMP Manual; BMP Reviewer Certification Program; Low Impact Development& StormEZ; Minimum Design Criteria Team; Technical Review Workgroup& Products NCDEQ Stormwater BMP Manual C9. Level SpreaderFilter Strip 1 Revised: C9.

Level SpreaderFilter Strip (LSFS) Design Objective Aa level spreaderfilter strip (LSFS) consists of an LS that is typically a poured concrete lip 2 North Carolina's Stormwater Requirements. 2. 1 Overview of City of Greensboros Requirements APPENDIX 1 Table for Greensboro, NC. APPENDIX 2 Pond Detention Storage Computations. Link to State BMP Manual.

A1. Runoff Treatment and Volume Match Table of Contents What do the Rules Say? Runoff treatment is the traditional way that stormwater has been managed in North Carolina, NCDEQ Stormwater Design Manual City of Raleigh Stormwater Management Design Manual City of Raleigh Stormwater Design Manual January 2002 Page 1 The Stormwater Design Manual is compatible with the Minimum Design Criteria (MDC) that are codified in the stormwater rules, which went into effect on Jan.

1, 2017. The Stormwater Program will periodically update the Manual to provide better guidance on meeting the stormwater rules. Sign up to Receive Design Manual Updates When stormwater runoff is directed into or through a Stormwater BMP, the device is intended to reduce the amount of pollutants like sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorous carried in the runoff, before it reaches City streams, creeks, and the Neuse River. 3. 0 General Stormwater BMP Design Considerations areas of North Carolina excluding Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA) counties.

In CAMA counties, the water quality storm was considered 1. 5 inches. Figure 3. 1 shows a map of the For the purpose of this manual, some generalizations can be made to simplify NCDENR Stormwater BMP Manual Chapter Revised 6609 North Carolinas Stormwater Requirements 23 July 2007 North Carolina Department of Environment Quality Energy Mineral and Land Resources NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources Energy Mineral and Land Resources BMP Manual

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