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NLSY79 Appendix 19: SF12 Health Scale Scoring The SF12, which stands for shortform 12question, is a brief inventory of selfreported mental and physical health. The Optum SF12v2 Health Survey is a shorter Sf 12v2 scoring spss manual of the SF36v2 Health Survey that uses just 12 questions to measure functional health and wellbeing from the patients point of view.

As the survey uses normbased scoring, comparisons can be made among the other generic health How is the SF12 scored? I think there are differences in scoring for SF12 and SF12v2 so you need to ensure that you are scoring the right version.I am looking to figure out how to Interpreting the SF12 The results for this report are based on the responses of 7, 520 respondents in the 2001 Utah Health Status Survey (HSS). The SF12 is a multipurpose short form survey with 12 questions, score differs from their age groups mean score.

The SF12 consists of 12 survey questions, shown in the following bar charts. The percentages reflect the distribution of responses SF12 Mental Health Composite Scale Score Percentage of Persons with Score 53. 19 Mean Both Physical and Mental Health Composite Scales combine the 12 items in How to score version 2 of the SF12 health survey (with a supplement documenting version 1) Author: Ware, John E.

Summary: The main objective of this manual is to document and explain each step in the scoring of SF12v2 scales and summary measures using NormBased Scoring (NBS) algorithms. scoring instructions for the SF12 are provided in the Appendix below. APPENDIX: Scoring the SF12 Scoring the Medical Outcomes Study SF12: There are 3 steps involved in calculating the SF12 Physical Component Summary (PCS) and Mental Component Summary (MCS) scores.

Step 1. User's Manual for the SF12v2 Health Survey Second Edition John E. Ware, Jr.Mark Kosinski, Diane M. TurnerBowker, Murali Sundaram, Barbara Gandek, Mark E. Maruish QualityMetric, Incorporated, PDF On Jan 1, 1998, J. E. Jr. Ware and others published SF12: How to Score the SF12 Physical and Mental Health Summary Scales

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