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CHAPTER 2 Catalyst 3550 Switch Cisco IOS Commands 21 aaa accounting dot1x 21 aaa authentication dot1x 23. Contents iv Catalyst 3550 Multilayer Switch Command Reference boot manual 230 boot privateconfigfile 231 boot system 232 channelgroup 233 channelprotocol 237 class 239 classmap 241 Sep 08, 2010  I have a problem with a 3550 switch.

When I try to use OSPF, Im getting Unknown routing protocol. Mark Forums Read; Advanced Search; Forum; Cisco; CCNP; OSPF Problem Unknown routing protocol on a 3550; Results 1 to 16 of 16 Thread: OSPF Problem Unknown routing protocol on a 3550. Thread Tools ospf Open Shortest Path First (OSPF Cisco Catalyst 3550 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for Cisco Catalyst 3550.

We have 8 Cisco Catalyst 3550 manuals available for free PDF download: Software Configuration Manual, Command Reference Manual, Installation Manual, Hardware Installation Manual, Getting Started Manual, Datasheet, Product Bulletin Cisco Systems Switch 3550 user manual User manual for the device Cisco Systems Switch 3550 you can use fullscreen viewing mode.

To start viewing the user manual Cisco Systems Switch 3550 on full Contents Configuring IGRP 2230 Load Balancing and Traffic Distribution Control 2231 Split Horizon 2234 Configuring OSPF 2235 OSPF Jul 04, 2018 Re: Configuring OSPF on a layer 3 switch 3560G What networks should I put in the configuration of the ospf, the ip of the switches that I want to add andor what else?

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App Cisco SwitchingRouting: : 3550 3560 3750s OSPF Configuration For The First Time? May 5, 2012. I have a network with static routes witch I need to convert to OSPF.

Never used OSPF, and do not have much experience in routing in general. The netvork is connected via some fiber links, but moastly wireless bridges.

I have attached a drawing of how the network is. Routers are 3550 How to configue OSPF routing protocol on cisco switches? There are 2 coredistribution switches in Configure ospf cisco 3550 manual, and up to 15 accesslayer switches. Coredistribution got one trunk port connection to each access layer switches. Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Switch Tutorial 1. The Origin of the Cisco Catalyst 3550 Ethernet Switch a.

What they replaced. (3500XL) RIP v1v2, IGRPEIGRP, OSPF, and BGP. Configuration of each of these protocols is beyond the scope of this documentation. Keep in mind however, that the configuration of the above protocols is While OSPF can be complex to configure, its basic configuration isnt difficult. Lets learn how to configure OSPF in the Cisco IOS. The other way of affecting the cost of an interface is through the" ip ospf cost" command on the interface itself, this will override the calculated cost.

Router1(config)# int f10 Router1(configif)# ip ospf cost View online or download Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Software Configuration Manual, Datasheet, Solution Manual, Questions And Answers Manuals and User Guides for Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series.

We have 4 Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series manuals available for free PDF download: Software Configuration Manual, Configuring Ospf Area IP Routing: OSPF Configuration Guide Cisco IOS XE 3SE (Catalyst 3850 Switches) Configuring OSPF

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