Eventide harmonizer orville manual

The Eventide Orville is a programmable, multichannel, multipurpose, dual digital signal processor (DSP), 24 bit digital audio signal processor with UltraShifter capability. Thats a lot of adjectives!

It is the successor to a long, proud line of digital signal processors that stretches back to a time when most audio manufacturers didnt know digital audio from Morse code. You are here. Home Support Products Orville Manuals.

Share: This Orville is in very good used condition and works perfectly. It is another classy box from Eventide, a twoprocessor multi effects harmonizer with over 900 programs. The Orville is simple to use superficially, but also capable of meeting your deep creative needs with lots of imagination. Eventide is composed of two divisions.

Please choose from one of the following. AudioBroadcast. Eventide offers awardwinning rack effects, stompboxes, plugins and broadcast delays. Enter AudioBroadcast. Communications. Eventide offers NexLog communications recorders for public safety, utilities, P25 and air traffic control. Since Eventide's H3000, the Harmonizer series has done greatthings with delays, and the Orville continues that tradition.

Stereo 3D CircleDly is one of my favorite patches. It's apsychedelic panning and phaseshifting stereo delay that createsthe illusion of going in and out of the speakers. The OrvilleR is a version of the Eventide Orville that is dedicated to remote control operation. As a Harmonizer Orville EVENET TMMULTICHANNEL EFFECTS SYSTEM TM OrvilleR User Manual Extension orvillerUMext. lwp Page 3 of 3 njr Release 1. 1 Document PN. This manual covers Eventide harmonizer orville manual as well as the 4000 and 7000 families of Eventides Harmonizer Brand Effects Processors.

Some modules are not available on all machines, especially earlier 4000s. Eventide, Inc. (also known earlier as Eventide Clock Works Inc.or today simply Eventide) is an audio and broadcast, communications, and avionics company in the United States whose audio division manufactures digital audio processors and DSP software, and guitar effects. Programming Manual for H8000, H7600, Orville and the DSP7000 families of Harmonizer Brand Effects Processors.

( covering H8000H8000AH8000FW, H7600, Orville, DSP and DSP4000B ) Part No: Manual Release 1. 3 19 August, 2008 Eventide harmonizer orville Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Eventide harmonizer orville Programming Manual Eventide Eclipse User Manual Part number ManualSoftware Release 3. 000 23 August, 2004 For one thing, you have Eventides fabulous new Eclipse Harmonizer brand processor waiting to effect all those sounds so badly in friend.

A beneficiary of Eventides venerated Orville and H3000 line of effects processors and a quarter Orville Operating Manual Page 6 Orville Operating Manual Manual Release 1. 2 1999 Eventide Inc. OVERVIEW AND QUICKSTART THE BIG PICTURE The Eventide Orville is a programmable, multichannel, multipurpose, dual digital signal processor (DSP), 24

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