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Ironclads II, by Totem Games, is a naval warfare simulation set in the American Civil War. The game simulates a campaign for dominance of the Gulf of Mexico and is playable from either the Union or Confederate side. Ironclads 2 War of the Pacific Game Manual v. 1. 0 Game Manual v. 1. 5. click on the Stop Gun Fire control. During a battle shells fired at a target may hit above the water line or below the water line. A successful hit above the water line may cause a fire.

A successful hit below the water line may cause flooding. Ironclads: ACW Game Manual MODEL: GC55LG ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS AND OWNER'S MANUAL IRONCLAD SPORTS, INC 902 Corey Road, Hutchinson, KS Telephone: IRONCLAD SPORTS, INC GAME CHANGER Keep this instruction manual in case you have to contact the manufacturer for replacement An archive of the 2018 FIRST POWER UP Q& A can be found here.

Any questions about the manual or game rules are posted to the Q& A System during the competition season. This is the only place to get an official answer to your game questions. Sep 14, 2015 Ironclads II has two aspects of gameplay, the turn based strategic game and the real time tactical game. This tutorial covers the basics of the tactical game 4.

0 Using the system Users Manual Page 41 4. 0 USING THE SYSTEM This section provides a detailed description of system functions. Sample Plot tab Ironclads 2: War of the Pacific From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing Ironclads game manual sample games This page is a stub: it lacks content andor basic article components. Ironclads: American Civil War Game Manual v.

1. 0 1 I. Game Description. Civil War Game Manual v. 1. 0 2 V. Tactics and unit stats. Ironclads game manual sample player is provided information about his ships such as their arms and armor, and damage sustained during the fight. Ironclads: American Civil War Game Manual v. 1. 0 3 VI. Ship Management. Ironclads: High Seas Game Manual v. 1. 1 1 Game Manual v. 1. 1 2 IV. Support service. For technical support relating to installation, start up, or game crash issues contact us: Before contacting us, please ensure that your computer meets the minimal system requirements.

(ironclads and monitors) or (from a Yaquinto ad: ) The IRONCLADS is a tactical level, simultaneous movement, game of shiptoship combat in the American Civil War. Players move one or more of over 130 counters that represent individual ships over a large (42" x 2712" ) four pieceqeomorphlc mapboard as they attempt to outmaneuver and outshoot their The next version, Ironclads: High and relative rate of fire for these weapons are shown in charts in the sixpage manual.

The new editor allows historical clashes to be simulated because the player purchases the craft for both sides. Ironclads: High Seas PC Game Review Armchair General Post a comment Trackback Post a Reply

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