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than one copy of a document to DFAS 7407 Removed requirement to send more than one copy of a document to DFAS branch exchanges in accordance with Navy Exchange Manual and instructions issued by the Navy Exchange Service Command. 2. PURPOSE. (NAVSUP Pub 4998), Qcognizance items, foreign merchandise, vendor control and Naval Supply Systems Command ii.

NAVSUP P485 Volume I Afloat Supply NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES (NAVSUP PUBLICATION 485) VOLUME I AFLOAT SUPPLY a training manual for officers and enlisted personnel and as a guide in handling PUBLICATION 487 NAVAL SUPPLY SYSTEMS COMMAND REVISION 2 2013 COG 01 Stock No. INTRODUCTION TO REVISION 2 Changes. 4010 Deleted Standard Navy Clothing and use of manual DD Form 1348 4011. 1b Deleted Navy supply depot as a source of supply Printed Manuals Downloadable Books.

Back SHIPS STORE AFLOAT (NAVSUP P487). NAVCOMPT PUBLICATIONS The Comptroller of the Navy (NAVCOMPT) issues publications pertaining to accounting, financial management, and military pay and allowances. Jun 05, 2015  NAVSUP P488 (COSAL USE& MAINTENANCE MANUAL) (ILS) deficiencies, ranging from inadequate technical manual (TM) support to inadequate repair part allowances.

An accurate COSALCOSBAL, used correctly, will guarantee successful logistical support of our Navys ship and shore stations. 0530LP. COSAL Use and Maintenance Manual NAVSUP P488 15 July 2014. COORDINATED SHIPBOARD ALLOWANCE LIST USE AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL. Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) Code N32 is responsible for this document; however, comments and recommendations NAVSUP P485 Volume II Supply Appendices SHEETS IN FORCE NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES (NAVSUP PUBLICATION 485) VOLUME II SUPPLY APPENDICES The following is a list of sheets in force for Change 7 to Revision 3.

NAVSUP P486 Food Service Management APPENDIX H: NAVY FOOD MANAGEMENT TEAM ASSISTANCE 1. FUNCTION. Assistance in the form of onthejob training is provided by the Navy Food outlined in the Ships Store Afloat Manual (NAVSUP P487) (reference (as)). A DD Form 1149 (Requisition and InvoiceShipping Document), in original and three copies, shall be submitted by the ships store officer to the DO.

The DO shall complete the required certificate on the original NAVSUP Naval Logistics Library (NLL) The NLL Navsup p 487 manuals the central link in the Navy publications supply chain.

The NLL contains Navy publication knowledge management features and provides supply support for Navy publications, instructions, directives, technical manuals, and other digital documents.

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