Kla tencor p10 manual

The KLA P10 to repeat a scan up to ten times and automatically calculate the average, thereby minimizing the effects of environmental noise on measurements. KLATencor P10 can profile a variety of materials including: KLATencor has been a leader in process control for the semiconductor and related industries for 40 years, developing and manufacturing inspection, metrology and data analysis systems that rely on innovative optics, sensors and high performance computing technologies.

Products. More Information about the KLATencor P10 Surface Profiler: Measurement of vertical features ranging from under 100 (0. 4 min. ) to approximately 300 m (11 mils), with a vertical resolution of 0. 5, 2, or 10. ceas. uc. edu The KLATencor series of benchtop stylus and optical surface profilometers offer the most complete range of stylus surface measurement features to meet the surface measurement needs of the engineering and research communities. The KLATencor PSeries can profile a variety of materials including: semiconductor wafers, thin film heads, precision machined and polished wafers, ceramics for microelectronics, glass for flat panel displays, and optical surfaces.

The Tencor P10 Surface Profiler is a computerized, highsensitivity surface profiler that measures rough ness, waviness, and step height in a variety of applications. It features the ability to measure micro Dec 10, 2012  Bid Service, LLC Video Demo\Walkaround Tencor P10 Surface Profiler Bid Service, LLC We BUY& SELL used equipment!

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