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Suprunov Design FS9 Enroute plates Yak40 Vol. 1 FSPilotShop. EBooks& PDFs. FSX Addons& hardware, yokes, pedals, scenery, aircraft.

The main design philosophy behind the Yak40 was the idea of a shortrange short take off jet aircraft to fill in all the gaps of the airline timetable. Straight wings provide lift, chunky wheels deal with rough airstrips and three powerful engines blast it out in the shortest space possible.

Suprunov Design offers the Yak40 as a download version, the boxed one is being prepared for release as of this review. We only need to download the 123MB compressed zip file at the Suprunov website. The manual contains detailed information on crew voices, like the file places and names for editing and transcripts. This sound Oct 31, 2013 Yes, unfortunately Igor Suprunov is no longer with us.

Funny you posted this, I just found my hardcopy of the Yak manual. I helped Igor with some translations for it, it is one of the best manuals ever to come out with an aircraft.

Version 1. 4 of SCDS Yakovlev40, full package. Includes three different fully animated models with three different interiors (Yak40 classic, Yak40K convertible paxcargo and Yak40" Salon" VIP carrier). Oct Suprunov yak 40 manuals, 2013  In 2012, the owner of Suprunov Designs, and author of the highfidelity Yakovlev Yak40 regional jet simulation for FS2004 died in a glider accident.

Since that time, the Russian flightsim community has uploaded the complete Yak40 for FS2004 so that others may continue to gain enjoyment from Mr. Suprunov's creation. It is Aug 06, 2015 Prepar3D Suprunov Yak40 Landing at Gelendzhik TrackIR Hello everyone!

!. This time. testing Supronov YAK40 on P3D on a short flight! ! ! yes, Still a Suprunov Design Yak40 for FS9 (Native) and FSX. Once payware from the late Igor Suprunov, is now available as a freeware file at Avsimrus. com. A FSX portover version is currently in progress by Andrey Vinogradov. Prepar3D Suprunov Yak40 Landing at Gelendzhik TrackIR. Hello everyone! !. This time. testing Supronov YAK40 on P3D on a short flight! ! ! yes, Still a work in progress, but hope to get every gauge working as soon as possible.

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