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While fistfighting is associated with the schoolyard and street, pugilism evolved from fencing, Ruzicki said, and like any martial art, it is about attacking while protecting your own position. Click here to read an article featuring Tim Ruzicki (pictured left above), one of the senior revivalists of classic pugilism, who will be demonstrating his skills at the festival. Tim has taught pugilism at the renown Western Martial Arts Workshop in Racine, WI, and for the past two years at the International Lansing Swordplay and Martial Arts Conference in Lansing, MI.

Currently, he instructs the Seattle Pugilist Club in Seattle, WA, USA. The Geometry of Pugilism by Tim Ruzicki Like all martial arts, pugilism is built on three basic geometric principles, the Straight Line, the Angle, and the Circle. This class will explore how lines, angles and circles influence all aspects of the art, from the attitude and footwork to the delivery of blows and execution of defense.

He has studied traditional pugilism for several years under Tim Ruzicki, and since 2010 has been actively training in La Boxe Francaise Savate. Mr. Sielaff holds a Master Of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Indiana University. He currently lives and teaches privately near Southampton, UK. Jun 03, 2009 Something I found on Googlevideo. Broughton era boxing. Quote: Video footage from the Cumann Bhata Recreational Violence Weekend 2007 of my pugilism class. This is my take on the boxing of the mid to late 18th century in England according to several manuals, including but not limited to Mendoza's but Mendoza is the focus for this seminar.

This page lists resources for classical fencing and historical swordsmanship. If you're looking for sport fencing, stage combat, SCA swordplay, or historical reenactment you've probably come to Aug 05, 2009 Good, good!

I remember this stuff (or bits of it) from the few pugilism lessons I have had from Tim Ruzicki in the states. Indeed, the stance we used had both arms up, the other one extended more than the other, and with the back of the fists slightly turned to face the opponent.

Jun Tim ruzicki pugilism manuals, 2009 Bareknuckle pugilism and related arts I can also recommend anything by Ken Pfrenger or by Tim Ruzicki. I cannot recommend the new book on bareknuckle boxing from Paladin Press. thank you. Your system sounds truly interesting. Is it traditional, based on certain manuals or is it your own? It sounds a bit like rapier fencing with

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