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The FITEL brand, conceived from 'Furukawa Information Technologies and Telecommunications was launched in 1974 by the Furukawa Electric Company, a pioneer in the development of optical fiber cable. Now used by our global network of affiliates to market optical communications products worldwide, the FITEL brand has become synonymous with advanced technology and unbeatable quality.

The FITEL S310 Single Fiber Field Cleaver is designed for cleaving fiber in the field quickly and easily. The S310 Field Cleaver can accommodate 0. 25 mm and 0. 9 mm coating diameters and their small lightweight size makes them the perfect addition to any field splicing system. S326 Precision Cleaver Operating Instructions This manual contains the complete operating and maintenance instructions for the S326 Precision Cleaver. Please review this manual carefully before operating the S326 Precision Cleaver.

FITEL Products Division Telecommunications Company, Furukawa Electric Co.Ltd. 6, YawataKaigandori FUSION SPLICERS A Furukawa Company S325A, S310, & S315 Cleavers OneStep Cleaving In the Palm of FTSB277 User's Manual 1 Key Features OneStep Action Cleave Anywhere! In Your Palm or on Your Desktop The FITEL S310 and S315 Single Fiber Field Cleavers are Fitel S323, S324 Cleaver Clamping PAD, Model: S323X105 Fitel original Gasket Kit or elastomer clamp pad are for use with the Fitel S323, S324 optical fiber cleaver.

High quality bladewheel compatible with Fitel S321, S322, S323, S324, S325A, S310, S315, S391 fiber optic cleavers. Fitel S323 High Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver FITEL's S323 Cleaver is your solution for safe ribbon and single stand fiber cleaving.

This fourstep cleaver is designed to cleave single strand fibers and up to 12 ribbon fibers while keeping your workspace free of dangerous waste fiber. Furukawa Review, No. 28 2005 63 2.

3 Compact Size and Light Weight The S325 has been reduced in weight to nearly 330 g, about 23 of our conventional fiber cleaver the S323. Fitel S323 Optical Fiber Cleaver Per the manufacturer: Cutting blade locks in place after scoring, preventing double scoring of fiber and also ensuring quality cleaving angles.

Automatic cleave function provides constant cleaving pressure and improves cleave quality. Waste fiber deposits automatically into a collection chamber, increasing cleaving efficiency by eliminating manual disposal and S326 High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver With its ergonomic and light weight design, the S326 cleaver offers the operator the versatility to cleave on a work bench or in the palm of their hand.

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