Trodat 2910 manual time date stamp

2910u1 12 Time wheel 12 hours Max. text plate size: 50 mm Date size: 4mm Plastic frame with metal core 2910u1 24 Time wheel 24 hours date and time stamp. Presentations& Manuals Manuals Signs, Banners& Posters Posters Banners Yard Signs Blueprints Marketing Materials Flyers Brochures Postcards.

Trodat time and date received stamp features a 10year date band, 12hour time dial and thumb wheel adjustments. Trodat Classic 2910 time stamp 24HR 2" diam. 2 lines Traditional band stamp with the word 'RECEIVED" date, 24 hour time as well as customized text plate. Text plate size has a diameter of 2" diameter (51 mm) and the date a height of 4 mm with format: day, month (worded) and 12 consecutive years.

GOOD Trodat 2910 Daters Nonselfinking band date stamps. Used with a separate ink pad. Several different text plate sizes. Customized with your copy o 2910U24 Time And Date Stamp: Date stamp with date adjustment wheels and with a time text plate in 24 hours format: 44.

15: Quantity: Trodat selfinking date stamps are easy to order and ship in one day! This sleek, metal core product line is a reliable choice for your customized date stamps! Trodat 2910 U124 Round Date and Time Stamp [ 35. 78: Trodat Classic Line 2910 U124 Do you love the classics? Stamps, that truly deserve the name evergreens are the products in the Classic Line Series. Hand stamps of the Classic Line are available as daters with and without Trodat Classic Time and Date Stamp (2910U24) Trodat Time and Date Stamp, 24 hour time dial The word RECEIVED is under the ARROW which points to the hour.

There is no text below the date. The date is in MONTH, DAY AND YEAR format. Product information Technical Details Manual time and date stamp Trodat 2910 manual time and date stamp This manual time and date stamp, for use with a stamp pad, has a plastic lightweight body and a round clock face with either 12 or 24 hr markings, which is turned by hand. Buy the Trodat Classic 2910 Time& Date Stamp 24Hr Received 4 mm date& time in the leading stamp shop of stamps4u. co. uk! Choose from a wide range of stock stamps.

Quick delivery Low prices Trodat 2910U12 12 Hour Time And Date Stamp. You can custom the text under the date. If you do not provide text, the default blank. Date size: 532" Plastic frame with metal core The Time Is Set By Simply Turning The Dial Unit.

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