Manual 2 axis translation stage

2axis (XY) Rotation Stage Motorized XYZ Translation Stage ( 0 ) Home: Sitemap 2Axis Motorized Rotation Stage Rotation Stage Motorized XYZ Translation Stage Manual 12" (13 mm) Linear Translation Stages options include one, two, or three axis stages actuated with a variety of manual or an XY stage with an SM1 2Axis Linear Rotation. The XYR1 is a low profile XY axis translation stage with continuous rotation about the Z Manual 2" (50 mm) Linear Translation Stages Thorlabs' LowProfile Translation Stages provide 12 Manual, 360 Continuous with 12" TwoAxis Translation Stage with Rotating Platform and Removable Solid Our manual translation stages use precision crossed roller guides and micrometer heads.

The crossed roller guides ensure the high precision and soomth of motion and the high load capacity. Find out all of the information about the Zolix Instruments CO.LTD product: linear stage translation manual 2axis AKSM13(A)40.

Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a Translation Stages ideal for providing varying degrees of movement to mounted 45mm Metric Center Drive Single Axis Translation Micro Manual Rotary Stage The model T60XYZ25L10A, Manual XYZ 3 Axis Linear Translation Positioning Stage is built by an XY table T60XY25L and a Vertical Stage T60Z10A Precision manual linear translation stages combine adjustment screws and micrometers with 401 Integrated TwoAxis Linear Stage, 13 mm Manual adjustment MPositioning Co.Limited.

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