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Mar 03, 2012 A turbo timer is a device designed to keep an automotive engine running for a prespecified period of time in order to automatically execute the cooldown pe instruction manual to the new user. Remote Door Lock Systems and Adjustable Steering Columns may not function properly after installation of this unit. Set the Timer to a random setting above 30 seconds. 3. Turn the IG key OFF to activate the Timer countdown. 4. Release the parking brake during the countdown proc Apexi Turbo Timer Manual Greek HKS Turbo Timer Harness makes it easy and safe to install the HKS Turbo Timer.

Take out the key switch wiring connector and connect the HKS Turbo Timer. Auto Timer for NA TurboAPEX AUTO TIMER by THMotorsports in How to, apexi auto time, and na turbo. Auto Timer for NA TurboAPEX AUTO TIMER. Explore. Apexi Installation Manual: Auto Timer for NA Turbo. Uploaded by THMotorsports. net. Related Interests. Timer; Relay; Sensor; Switch; Instruction Manual If your turbo timer is a standalone type of timer, you should be done with our How To Install a Turbo Timer article at this stage.

However because the Apexi unit can output 02 voltage signals to show the user lean and rich conditions, well need to tap those wires as well. Title: Apexi Turbo Timer Manual Greek Author: Softplicity Avcr Apexi Instructions Apexi Instructions Apexi Installation Instrucktion Manual: AVCR Actuator Valve Control TypeR. Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: EL System Meter Series Manual.

Genuine APEXI auto timer Fake APEXI auto timer; Screen thickness 95mm: Screen thickness 111mm. When power is off, numbers are fade red. When power is of, numbers are fade white. Turbo Timer Wiring deeper understanding.

Hello all, I have an Apexi Auto Timer now with the Apex harness. I thought this was a freak incident until I did this search. I'm thinking about uninstalling it now.

This never happened when I had it hardwired to the stock harness. I'm confident in my splicing into the ecu, so i'd like to rule apexi turbo timer. 2, Tech article turbo timer harness and alarm wiring diagram rh socalevo net blitz turbo timer wiring diagram hks turbo timer wiring diagram type 0 awesome apexi turbo

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