Capri perana v8 parts manual

1969 Ford Capri Mk1 V8 Perana Evocation Lot: 559. Sold for Offered for sale is a 5. 0L 1969 Ford Capri Mk 1 V8 manual that has been with the current owner for the last year. Coming with no history file, this lot's condition scores 53 135. Classic Car Auctions says: Poor Numerous faults Extensive damage Many missing parts Project Capri Perana V8 After the Cortina Perana, and the rare Capri Perana V6, Capri Perana V8 was the next, and probably the most iconic, in Basil Green 's range of performance Fords.

Production started in 1970 and continued until Ford South Africa discontinued the Mk1 Capri in 1972. The Perana was the only Capri officially supplied with a V8 engine, and as such was perfect for racing.

The 500 or so cars produced meant that homologation was not a problem, and the Perana was raced in South Africa under the name Z181. Genuine Ford South Africa Capri Perana V8 (Genuine car. not a clone as advertised elsewhere) Restoration Project: Has the 5. 0ltr 302 V8 with matching numbers plus has 5 speed manual conversion. Car is very solid for its year (1970) but is in need of quite a bit of repair and fabricating. Interior is good though both parts of dash will Green would go on to build over 500 versions of the Capri Perana V8 between 1970 and 1973, before moving on to other cars in the Ford lineup.

A number of examples would go on to be used in racing The first Production V8 Capris in the world were produced at a rate Capri perana v8 parts manual 30 a month in a factory near Johannesburg.

Four completed Capri Perana's stand behind the assembly line. V8 Perana Specification: Rare South African SemiFactory V8: 1972 Ford Capri Perana. The 302 came fitted with a handful of performance parts as standard in the Perana, including a highrise intake, highlift cam, and strengthened valve springs. Most examples came fitted with a 4speed Ford toploader manual, while this car is among a few that sends power to In 1979, no longer importing the Ford Capri, but capitalising on the model's positive image, Mercury dealers began selling a new Capri that was a restyled Ford Mustang.

Australia [ edit Mk I ( ) [ edit Genuine Ford South Africa Capri Perana V8 (Genuine car. not a clone as advertised elsewhere) Restoration Project: Unique opportunity to own the rarest. most sought after and fastest of all the Capris. One of only 300 made and one of only 8 in the UK. This is a matching numbers car with all genuine chassis. floor and wing tags all in place. Basil Green motors is a former car manufacturer based in South Africa. They were best known for tuning Fords as well as producing and racing these cars.

1970 Ford Capri MK1 Perana V8. and the Ford Mustang as it borrowed parts from both platforms. The owner of this car describes this car as 80 restored with some minor finishing

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