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Aptcacher is a caching proxy for Debian packages, allowing a number of computers to share a single cache. Packages requested from the cache only need to be downloaded from the Debian mirrors once, no matter how many local machines need to install them. AptCacherNG is a caching proxy server (or apt proxy) for Debian based distributions, which is used to cache the downloaded packages locally on your server.

Home About Ubuntu: A centralized apt package cache using AptCacherNG It is common in secure production datacenters for internal hosts to be forced to go through a reverse proxy for public internet access.

The same concept can be applied to apt package management, where setting up a centralized package proxy enables caching as well as security controls. AptGet using AptCacher Apt cacher ng manually fails to fetch packages with hash sum mismatch.

Ask Question. APTcacherng has proven to be very buggy in my experience and tons of bug reports are outstanding. I highly recommend grabbing the futuretesting version of aptcacherng, and manually installing this newer package. share Debian mirrors Setting up a Debian archive mirror. Setting up a Debian archive mirror.

Whether to mirror; What to mirror then maybe a caching proxy such as aptcacherng, squid, or varnish might be the better choice. and other metadata files in an order such that apt is not running into validation errors should a user update the I've been getting the following message every day from the aptcacherng cron job: Error(s) occured while updating volatile index files I've added the oraclejava7installer ppa to my aptcacherng server and to my clients.

I cannot get it to install. Any ideas on how I can do this? I think it fails when it tries to download the this uses an http connection between your client and aptcacherng, but tells aptcacherng to use an https connection to the server. I tried adding this manually and running the script but all it does is readd the https: entry and fail to update again.

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