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1 EM61 electromagnetic metal detection The Geonics EM61 instrument utilises timedomain ElectroMagnetic (EM) phenomena to locate shallowly buried metallic objects (e. g. UXO) in a maximum depth range of 5 cm to 5 m. Geonics EM61MK2 Metal Detector, leading tool for buried metal detection, UXO and other military high resolution investigations. In WHEEL mode readings are triggered by a counter installed at the EM61MK2 wheel assembly, and in MANUAL mode readings are triggered manually by the operator.

The program supports the standard EM61MK2 instrument as well as EM61MK2 High Power Geonics EM61MK2 The EM61MK2 instrument with associated cables. The EM61MK2xp program is stored The Geonics EM61MK2 and EM61 Operational Procedures And Quality Control Recommendations Geophysical Investigations with the Geonics EM61MK2 and EM61 Operational Procedures and Quality Control Manual TABLE OF CONTENTS Page EM61 operational procedures and quality control recommendations for geophysical investigations with the Geonics EM61MK2 and EM61 complete these EM61 operational proceduress suggested by Geonics (Geonics EM61 battery chargers, a data logger and its charger, a cable to connect the data logger to the PC, a CD with the equipment manual and We rent the EM38 with an Archer Field PC and hemisphere GPS with external antenna, providing the most accurate data collection.

Contact us today! Electromagnetic Geonics EM61 MK2 A Geonics EM61 MK IIA Metal Detector. Item#. The newest version of the Geonics EM61, the MKIIA, eliminates the need to put on a backpack. The EM61MK2 uses electromagnetic (EM) fields to detect buried metallic objects.

The instrument has two rectangular coils, 1. 0 by 0. 5 meters in size, mounted one above the other. The lower coil is the transmitter and also acts as a receiver and the upper coil is a receiver only. The EM61, one of the newest instruments from GEONICS, is a timedomain metal detector, available for rent at EES today!

Geonics EM61 Mark II, EM61 MK2, EM61 Rental, EM61 EM61 HIGHSENSITIVITY METAL DETECTOR (BY GEONICS INC. ) The EM61 represents a breakthrough in instruments designed to find buried metallic targets, such as underground storagetanks and drums. Based on the most popular electromagnetic method used for mineral

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