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To standardize the method af measurement of IBS Score, CIDB published the Manual for IBS Content Scoring System in 2005. Dibina untuk pameran IBS Antarabangsa Malaysia (MIIE) 2006, ia kini menjadi tarikan utama di Pusat IBS. Pemasangan di tapak mengambil masa sebulan dan siap pada November 2006. Melibatkan 11 syarikat IBS dan lapan pengeluar bahan pembinaan yang lain.

IBS score reflects the degree of industrialization of composite building system. IBS score S 1S 2S 3 Where: S1 50 (Q sQ st) Fs; Fs factor of the structural system from Table 1 S2 20 (W sW st)Fw; Fw is factor of the wall system from Table 2 S3 is factor for compatability with MS1064 and repeatioions (floor height, horizontal and vertical). To target a higher IBS Score: 1) Design shall be modular coordinated, compliance to MS1064 (Utilisation of Standardise Components).

2) Developers& Contractors to plan for the use of IBS from the beginning including any simplified construction method. 3) Prefabrications where possible.

The concept of SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (SCORE), a diagnostic tool used to rate and enhance competitiveness of SMEs based on their performance and capabilities, was first through the IBS Score Manual that was developed. Till date, the adoption of IBS has been actively promoting. Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB). Numerous CIDB, namely IBS Score Manual. The IBS Score calculation is explained in the IBS Content Scoring System Manual (IBS Score). It can be obtained from the CIDB Levy Unit ( 0200).

PETALING JAYA: Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and Public Works Department (JKR) planned to adopt Industrialised Building System (IBS) on construction sector in stages and to make it a mandatory by 2020. Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia Data Manual For IBS content scoring system (IBS Score) Bibliography: p.

30 ISBN 1. Industrialized building. 2. INDUSTRIALISED BUILDING SYSTEM (IBS) IN SARAWAK (IBS) IN SARAWAK CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY the IBS score is more than 50 [11. The IBS CIDB has To standardize the method of measurement of IBS Score, CIDB published the Manual for IBS Content Scoring System in 2005. IBSCIDB COLUMN INTRODUCTION TO THE IBS CONTENT SCORING SYSTEM (IBS SCORE) MANUAL The tables for FS, FW and S can be found in the IBS Score manual.

iv) Higher IBS Score is a reflection of a higher reduction of site labour, lower wastage, less site materials, cleaner environment, better quality, neater and safer construction sites, faster project

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