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Home SAP MM (Materials Management) SAP MM (Materials Management) Tutorial. Login To Follow. If I look in the condition analysis for the new order the system tell me for FRC1 condition entered manually. I am not sure what is driving this copying of this condition between purchase orders, can anyone help please. We are using a condition type ZSP1 in our pricing procedure. I want that the user should be able to enter the condition type only once during pricing.

eg Suppose the user has entered ZSP1 as 100 in the sales order, then he should not Rebate condition to be entered manually in Billing document Hi Guys, I have a requirement, the Rebate condition type BR1 and BR2 to allow users to enter manually in the billing document. Resetting buffers can however be the right trick to do if your SAP kernel or applications does not behave correctly and you needwant to avoid a restart of your system.

There should however be no doubt that a controlled restart is a safer way, though often can be more inconvenient. Hello, After SP12 upgrade, we are getting this weird behavior while entering the condition type in the delivery creation.

When I enter this condition manually in the conditions tab and enter the condition value or rate and then press enter. it just d SAP Pricing Condition types can be two types. Header condition types vs Item Condition Types. Most condition types belong to Item Condition Type. Very few however are header condition type. Some examples of header condition type are HB00, RB00 and so on. What would we do for a similar scenario where condition update flag is checked on the condition type defenition, we maintain the condition record with out amount (manually entered in SO) and condition record has a maxmimum condition value set.

Dear SAP Community Member, In order to fully benefit from what the SAP Community has to offer, Condition Types: In pricing, Condition type determines the category of a condition and how it is used. When you enter the condition manually, the system does not check whether a condition record exists.


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