Time machine manually delete old backups

Time Machine should work automatically to remove older backups as you need the storage space on your internal hard drive. If you delete old backups, you can never retrieve data from them if something were to go wrong while you aren't connected to your backup hard drive. The reason could be anything, but the fact is that you can remove old files (backup) from Time Machine to enjoy some more space on that drive (of course, to create new backup).

How to Delete Old Backups from Time Machine on Mac. Step# 1. Connect your Mac with Time Machine Drive. Step# 2. Bring down the icon of Time Machine to Menu bar. Alternatively, you might want to manually delete some of your old Time Machine backups to free up space on the external hard drive for some other use.

In any case, here are instructions on how to manually delete some Time Machine backups. On your Macs Desktop, doubleclick the icon of the external hard drive that stores your Time Machine backup data. Youll see a folder with the curious May 20, 2016 In this view, I show you how to delete old Time Machine backups from another Mac from my backup drive.

Using the Time Machine Utility will safely delete and free space on my backup drive, while May 15, 2017 The best way to make room on your backup disk is to delete old Time Machine backups using Finder. For example, the disk in my AirPort Time Capsule is nearly full because I have backups dating back to 2010. Jan 19, 2016 If you are absolutely certain you don't need the oldest backup you could delete it from Time Machine interface.

Enter Time Machine, navigate to external drive and open folder Backups. Enter Time Machine, navigate to external drive and open folder Backups. Mar 17, 2014 Anyway, no matter how Time Machine has eaten up a lot of your disk space, it may come a moment when you really need to free some of it, possibly deleting old backups and shrinking a Time Machine sparse bundle disk image. See How Much Space Backups Are Consuming.

RELATED: 10 Ways To Free Up Disk Space on Your Mac Hard Drive To see how much space those local Time Machine backups are consuming, click the Apple icon on the menu bar, click About This Mac, and click the Storage heading.

Mar 28, 2017 You can use the Finder to move, copy, or delete the Backups. backupdb folder on your Time Machine backup disk as you would other folders. You can also delete folders within the Backups. backupdb folder. Please note, using Time Machine to backup manually may limit your ability to restore to hourly (past 24 hours), daily (past month) and weekly (previous months) restore points. Instead, you will only be able to restore to a point when the manual backup was initiated.

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