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Quality heating and plumbing supplies that are installed the world over. Introducing the Westherm 6 TRV. The Westherm 6 is the newest addition to Westcos popular Westherm family of TRVs. British made, it comes with the same durability and ease of installation youve come to expect from Westco products. TRV& Lockshield Valve Pack, Westherm 6, 1510mm Angle VF0822 in Radiators& Valves Radiator Valves Dec 15, 2011 I want to replace the control part of a Westherm 4 TRV but I can't find any instructions on how to do so.

Any help Jan 09, 2010  please could someone tell me how to remove the head on my westherm trv valve and can I leave it off so rad works manually?. Log in or Sign up. DIYnot Forums. Home Forums How to Plumbing and Central Heating westherm rad valve. Discussion in 'Plumbing and as I have a wall thermostat I will probably change the valves for manual The Westherm 6 TRV should always be located so that it can sense the temperature where the air circulating in the room is at all times free to flow through and around it.

whilst decorating, the manual shut off cap should be used for added security instead of the TRV head. In Jan 25, 2008 Does anyone have or know of anywhere where I can get hold of instructions for these valves, or the Comap 6800 TRV, which seems near identical to the ones I have. Many thanks! PS I've searched the forums and found quite a few people talking about the Westherm valves, but no instructions etc. Dec 06, 2010 I'm trying to replace a radiator with a new higher output version of similar dimensions.

I've locked off the locksheild valve and set the Westherm TRV to it's lowest setting which is a frost icon. Quality heating and plumbing supplies that are installed the world over. The advantages of the thermostatic radiator valves can be reached from the Heating and Plumbing Warehouse's store through this category. Our supplies can deliver angled or straight as well as white or chrome valves.

The Westherm 6 TRV is designed to operate with water flow in either direction, and can be installed as easily as a manual

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