Wiring lc1 to megasquirt manual

About the manual; MegaSquirt a sensor or sensor wiring failure would have no 'backup' and the car would be undriveable.

Other sensors can create problems too, but they aren't in a hot 800C exhaust stream. exhaust leaks or EGR problems could make the engine run badly or damage itself. Document# LC1Manual2. 0. doc LC1 Digital AirFuel Ratio (Lambda) Sensor Controller Manual Warning! The Oxygen Sensor used in this device gets very hot in operation. Do not touch the hot sensor. Do not let a hot sensor touch a combustible surface.

Do not use the sensor with or near flammable liquids or gases. For the LC1, wire the brown (analog out 2) wire to the MegaSquirts O2 input wire. For the MTXL and LC2, the default analog outputs are reversed, so youd wire the yellow (analog out 1) wire to the MegaSquirts O2 input wire. Feb 24, 2007 How to wire up your LC1 to Megasquirt Sign in to follow this. Followers 5. So you'll wire the analog output from the LC1 to one side of the resistor, and then you'll wire the MegaSquirt 02 input to the other side of the resistor, forcing the signal to pass through it.

Manuals for Microsquirt Transmission control and MicrosquirtIO box are available through their product pages. The original MegaManual should only be used for the alternative B& G MS1 or MS2 firmwares. May 19, Wiring lc1 to megasquirt manual Should I keep the yellow wire (narrowband) going to my megasquirt? and use the wideband as a gauge? Either way, My 02 sensor was reading off the charger, and I couldn't figure out why: it was at like 20 something.

This is the index to the manual pages for Megasquirt1. Click here for the main manual index If you live or intend to operate your engine in an area that has specific pollution regulations, but sure to check the laws that apply in your locality to determine if using a MegaSquirt or MicroSquirt controller is legal for your application. Dec 14, 2011  I am really starting to hate my Wideband, an Innovate LC1. It will work sometimes, then for no reason whatsoever, it will not produce an output to my Megasquirt.

I have done the heater calibration and the open air calibration several times, and it Sensor Controller Manual Warning! The Oxygen Sensor used in this device gets very hot in operation. Do not touch the hot sensor. Single Innovate Device Relay Wiring Instructions 3 Sensor Placement Optimum bung placement will vary from application to application, but using About the manual; MegaSquirt The quickest solution is to cut pin 9 off on the connector or cut the wire for pin 9 on the cable its not needed for anything.

In future revisions we will put a jumper on the supply to pin# 9 for bluetooth wireless devices. If your main board has that jumper, you do not need to do anything other than remove

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