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AutoTune User Guide i AUTOTUNE Please refer to the R8000 Series Communications System Analyzer Owners Manual (CG1365) for an overview and basic operating instructions for AutoTune itself. AutoTune User Guide 2 3.

AutoTune User Guide. 10. the AFR readings of the Auto Tune module. Dynojet does not recommend inputting values in the 0 column of the Target AFR tables. If you should need to tune the 0 column to combat popping on deceleration input values directly in the Fuel tables. POWER COMMANDER V Automobile Accessories pdf manual download. Automobile Accessories Dynojet Auto Tune User Manual. Wideband 02 controller for power commander v (3 pages) Summary of Contents for Dynojet POWER COMMANDER V.

Page 1. AutoTune with the Power Vision User Guide 1 USING AUTOTUNE WITH POWER VISION The Power Vision supports a process to correct yo ur VE tables (and AFR) based on your OEM narrowband O2 sensors (Basic Method) or with wideband O2 sensors from the Dynojet dynojets autotune pro Kit uses wideband o 2 sensors and a control module that interfaces with the power vision unit and stock eCM.

there are some things to be careful of when using a wide band o 2 sensor on a motorcycle. racing gasoline will severely limit the sensors life, and youll The Auto tune kit is a universal product that can be utilized on any model using the PCV and which has a 12v power source. Many stock and aftermarket exhausts come equipped with an O2 sensor. Power Commander V Power Supply pdf manual download. Related Manuals for Dynojet Power Commander V. FIG.

L Using Autotune with PCV To take advantage of Dynojets AutoTune feature with the PCV, you need to install a Wideband device on your vessel. With the PCV, this could be one of the following: Wideband 2single channel Auto PCV users guide. There is more information and instructions available on the supplied CD. Auto Tune Each PCV from Dynojet comes configured for use with the Autotune kit.

These configuration settings are explained in more detail with the instructions that come with the

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