Superpro chimney installation manual

SuperPro 2100 SuperPro 2100 (ALT) is an allfuel chimney primarily used on Wood Stoves and other Solid Fuel applications. Sizes: 6, 7 and 8". TION UCTIONS, WARRANTY AND MAINTENANCE GUIDE 1009 RM Selkirk Corporation 5030 Corporate Exchange Blvd.Grand Rapids, MI the installation of the chimney within the Your SuperVentSuperPro chimney is intended for venting gas, liquid, or solid fuel fired residential type appliances and building heating these circumstances, the installation of the chimney within the building is strongly recommended.

If the chimney must be installed on an exterior wall it is recom installation instructions provided with them, ensuring that the SuperventSuperpro Assembly Step 4.

On a ThroughTheWall Installation with a 90 degree elbow, it may be necessary to cut the Chimney Pipe Adaptor Install the ElbowTeeChimney Adapter assembly to the top of 1009 1 installation instructions& maintenance guide (canada& united states) factory built insulated chimney a major cause of chimney related fires is failure to Ultra Temp is the installers choice for a variety of installations from small residential applications to large custom chimney projects.

Available in 5" 24" Diameters 304 inner430 outer Stainless Steel installation instructions @ www. superpro. com) SUPERPRO PART# PRICE QTY TOTAL Premium Rain Cap SPRPRC X Cathedral Ceiling Support with Brass Trim SPRCCSB X SUPERPRO CHIMNEY TOTAL Not Illustrated Not Illustrated Not Illustrated Not Illustrated Not Illustrated Not Illustrated Not Illustrated Not Illustrated Not Find the installation instructions for SuperPro Suspension parts.

Learn how to install control arm bushings and other polyurethane parts that Energy makes. SuperPro Chimney Pipe SuperPro incorporates the latest technology in factorybuilt chimney design; providing superior performance, durability, and safety.

SuperPro is designed to accompany today's appliances, which are engineered to produce low emissions and high heat. SuperPro Selkirk Strong: Strength, safety and performance are at the heart of every product we make. Welcome to selkirkcorp. com with useful on line tools for system design and installation.

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