Wyko optical profilometer manual transmission

Wyko Optical Profilometer Manual Description. Stylus profilometer for measuring vertical step heights in a wide range of materials.

Optical measurement of thin film layers on various substrates. Wykos success led to their acquisition in 1997 by Veeco Instruments Inc. (a publicly traded company), who combined the new noncontact, optical measurement products with their existing line of atomic force microscopes, Dektak surface profilers, and laser scatterometers to The costeffective NT1100 offers all the advantages of industrystandard Wyko optical profiling, including the full Wyko Vision32 analytical software package. Vision32, the industrys most comprehensive analysis program, provides over 200 tools to VEECO WYKO NT3300 OPTICAL PROFILER consisting of: Model: NT3300 Capable of handling up to 8" 200mm wafers Non contact submicron Optical Profiler for 3D S Wyko NT9100 Optical Pro ling System The Choice for Research and LowVolume Production CIGS boundary structure 60degree thread angle The Wyko NT9100 provides accurate and affordable noncontact surface metrology for advanced applications in MEMS, thick Surface profilometers are contact or noncontact instruments used to measures surface profiles, roughness, waviness and other finish parameters.

Surface profilometers are used to measure surface profiles, roughness, waviness, and other finish DESCRIPTION: For applications in MEMS, thick films, optics, ceramics and other advanced materials Utilizes white light interferometry 3D surface measurements, from subnanometer This Wyko Rough Surface Tester RSTPlus Optical Profilometer is used and in excellent condition.

This unit includes: Microscope, Support Stage, Control Boxes, Vibration Isolation Table, Computer, Color Display, Video Monitor, Printer, Joystick, Mouse, and Keyboard.

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