Manual transmission drivetrain loss percentage

Apr 07, 2004 The absurdity of fixed percentage drivetrain loss TDI Power Enhancements. www. tdiclub. com. Economy Longevity Performance The# 1 Source of TDI Information on the Web! Firstly, may I submit that 2WD vehicles with manual transmissions have very good mechanical efficiencies, as evidenced by the fact that 2 quarts of nonpressurized, non Aug 20, 2004 How to calculate drivetrain loss?

Posted by focusedrage, Aug 9, 2004. Aug 9, 2004# 1 They may not be a linear percentage, but they are affected by power output. I believe it is a" hypoidal" gear that has kind of a cross mesh, where the friction between each gear increases as load increases. 1G Manual Transmission livedsm4g63 posted Sep Nov 28, 2006 Drivetrain Power Loss Discussion in 'Competition Camaros ' started by we figure about 20 drivetrain loss for an automatic tranny and 15 for a manual tranny.

a gain at least. How much, is open for discussion. It is important to note that as the oil temperatures in the engine, transmission and differential increase, friction usually Dec 18, 2009 Why is drivetrain loss measured in percent? Discussion in 'Terminator Talk' started by MalcolmV8, Dec 18, I'm told my manual transmission and drive train (for Mustangs in general) causes approx 15 power loss.

Isn't the estimated drivetrain loss dependent on variables such as time, inertia, friction, and engine speed? How much power loss approximately Manual transmission drivetrain loss percentage you receive with an Automatic transmission compared to a manual? (self loss when cruising on the highway. Secondly, modern automatics shift very intelligently, so even when you have more loss due to the transmission, in practicality you can have more power because you are in the correct gear for the job Jun 10, 2005 dyno question, re: power loss thru drivetrain.

Thread starter jerry S; Start date Jun 9, 2005; Forums; This provides more evidence that the power loss through common drivetrain remains a percentage even as power is increased rather than remaining a static loss value.

" etc, your figure will be different than say 15 (for a manual Mar 18, 2006 Re: HP drive train loss FWD vs. RWD I understand there's a difference between each vehicle, but if there's an estmated difference between CHP& WHP, there should be a differing roughaverage estimate between FWD& RWD.

Mar 05, 2009 What percentage of horsepower is lost through the transmission? It all depends on your drivetrain setup, amount of rotational mass you have to overcome etc. Source(s): Do you use both feet at the same time when driving a stick shift, manual transmission car? Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions: Whos Winning? manual transmissions are still overwhelmingly the top choice. In Europe and Japan, for example, more than 80 percent of cars sold have manual transmissions.

This was due to the heavier weight of automatic transmissions and the inherent drivetrain loss associated, Austinbased mechanic Oct 22, 2004 What's fair drivetrain loss percentage? Everyday people ask me how much HP my car has, about 1 of them know what RWHP is. is notoriously inefficient. As a very general rule, rearwheel horsepower on a manualtransmission car is about 15 less than SAE net, and rearwheel horsepower on an car is about 20 less than Photo 36 Drivetrain Power Loss The 15" Rule" So the total power lost between combustion and forward motion is specific to each vehicle and therefore no single rule, percentage or fixed Sep 19, 2006 I have heard people quote figures as high as 30 for a manual transmission but surely that can't be correct?

means that the tyres geting hot can change the readings. as their pressure increases and so they deform less. using a percentage for a loss is futile. running at about 120 mph, 2wd cars with normal rd tyres tend to have about 30bhp Transmission& Drivetrain; Interior& Electrical; which equates to an astounding 40 percent loss between the engine dyno and the chassis!

This was the worst case, but overall the engine

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