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PLC Software Manual Page 11 of 365 LMAN021R2V2 12 Programming Language 121 Types of Language Available XC Series PLCs support two types of program language: Instruction List Instruction list inputs in the form of LD, AND, OUT etc. This is the basic input form of the 1 For the detailed XCP Pro software application, please refer to XC series PLC user manual software.

112 Expansions To fulfill the field control requirements better, XC series PLC can work with expansions, each ZG330RT: Product introduction: It makes logic control and HMI integrated in one set Digital input: 16 points or 10 points, optical isolation, highspeed optical coupling.

XC Series Programmable Controller User's Manual Xinje Electronic Co.Ltd. 1. Summary of XC series PLC CONTENTS XC series Programmable controller Operating Manual V2. 5 manuals content are all written for XC3 series PLC. THINGET Xinje Electronic XC series Programmable controller The programming of XC series programmable controller has the following characteristic: could fulfill most using requirements.

If no special demonstrate, this manual s content are all written for XC3 series PLC. XC5 strength type: This subseries has specifications of 32 IO The instruction noted in this manual is motion control function instruction, for the rest instructions belong to XC series, such as generic order control, application or special function instruction, please see.

Installing a manual transfer switch and a connecting means can provide an adequate and cost effective solution. This equipment can provide access for an alternate power source when a generator malfunctions or is removed from service for maintenance. Best Suited For. PLC XC Series V2. 5V2. 5 This manual includes some basic precautions which you should follow to keep you safe and protect the products.

These precautions are underlined with warning triangles in the manual. User manual Xinje Electronic Co.Ltd. Data No. HOC01 8. 0. Basic instructions Thanks for buying OP series operate panel. This manual will introduce the hardware features and wiring of OP. Please read the manual carefully before wiring. copy, transfer or use the contents in the manual are forbidden. July, Xinje xc3 manual transfer. 1 Preface Thank you for purchasing Xinje XP316 series integral industrial controller, please read the manual before operating.

This manual applies to the XP316 series integral industrial controller. The transfer switch is the brains behind the generator's power, routing electricity to circuits and appliances you choose. PLC. Add: Floor 4, 7#Creativity industrial park, No. 100, Dicui road, Wuxi

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