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Well done Harrisville Designs. Now that I had the loom in place and ready to go I needed a warping board in order to measure my warp.

So, I started looking at what was available and decided that paying 150. 00 or more for four pieces of wood with some dowel pegs seemed excessive. There is a Harrisville Design loom users group on Facebook that you could join, post photos and ask questions if you can't figure it out.

Harrisville Designs is still in business, so it Harrisville Looms. There are many appealing qualities of the Harrisville Standard Looms. They are quiet looms due to the suspended harness design. This design is also helpful for alleviating warp breakage since if there is a snag or knot, the harness will pull forward, rather than snapping the warp thread immediately. Sep 09, 2008 I was weaving on my Easy Weaver (size A, small), a rigid heddle loom made by Harrisville Designs.

These come prewarped by the manufacturer, using the ingenious method of attaching velcro on both front and back beams to quickly warp the loom. A heavy 2 ply yarn in over 50 colors. Ideal for any project from blankets and garments to firmer upholstery fabrics depending on the sett.

At Harrisville Designs we make each weaving tool by hand, in order to provide our weavers with the highest standard of both quality and function. Our website features the looms and tools that we, as weavers, have developed with careful research and testing. See all Harrisville Designs Weaving Equipment Floor Looms at Halcyon Yarn, trusted source for fiber artists since 1971. Harrisville Designs Loom Assembly Manual.

Harrisville Designs Loom Assembly Manual. Write a Review. Description. If you have a used Harrisville Designs loom and you are new to weaving or need help putting it together, you can order the Assembly Manual here.

Price: 15. 00. Harrisville's 36" weaving width folding floor loom Kits. The Models 364 and 368 are designed for the weaver who wants the versatility of a 36" wide loom and a choice of four or eight harnesses, and yet a loom that is practical enough for sample work and experimentation.

Harrisville Looms Since 1972 Harrisville Designs has manufactured jacktype maple looms in an old New Hampshire textile village. Their philosophy has always been that function, quality and economy are equal elements of a sound design. On Harrisville and other jack or rising shed looms the warp is not supposed to go straight from front to back, but should dip down at the heddles, approximately 12 the The original assembly manual used to put your loom together when it was a new kit.

You must provide the weaving width and number of harnesses and treadles that your loom has in order to receive the correct manual. If you have purchased a used Harrisville loom, and you are new to weaving, you definitely want to purchase this manual. 38 years of assembly manuals are still available.

Harrisville Designs, Inc.Harrisville, New Hampshire. 6, 301 likes 222 talking about this 249 were here. Maintaining over 200 years of textile tradition.

Jump to. This is a rug loom being assembled after weeks of preparation, sanding, and piecing it all together. You can add your own audio. 12. 1. A friend of mine bought a loom on a whim, and since I had extra storage space in my house, I offered to store it for her while she moved.


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