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Minnesota Commercial Drivers License For more information on Minnesota driving laws and rules for all drivers, refer to the Minnesota Drivers Manual. SUMMARY: Minnesota Driver Handbook. The Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) has various manuals available for drivers, including the MN driver's handbook, commercial driver manual, and motorcycle handbook. For information about traffic laws, read the Minnesota vehicle code. Part 2: Minnesota School Bus Drivers Handbook Page 15 Type D: A" type D school bus" is a body installed upon a chassis, with the engine mounted in the front, Minnesota Drivers Manual The Minnesota Drivers Manual provides a summary of state laws, rules, and techniques to follow in order to drive safely and legally in 1 Minnesota School Bus Drivers Handbook A Guide to Safe School Bus Transportation in Minnesota Message from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Once you feel confident with what youve learned, keep it fresh in your mind by reading through your notes and the manual one more time, and then head to the DVS to take your test.

Getting your Minnesota drivers permit can be difficult, but it all starts right here, with studying the Minnesota Drivers Handbook. Weve tried to make it as easy as possible, but pulling the most recent version directly from the Minnesota Division of Driver and Vehicle Services.

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