Std 5000 current to pressure manual

It receives 420 mA current input and only requires six volts to operate. The 5100 IP has many advanced features including: RFI protection, internal closed loop control, integral filter (for startup protection), and automatic temperature compensation. pressure set due to pressure transients that exceed the normal operating pressure. Too high a range may yield insufficient resolution for the application. 1. 2 Temperature Refer to Section 2 of this man ualfor important information concerning temperature related limita 3: 315 PSIG Standard( or High Pressure Supply) 4: 117 PSIG 5: Special Output.

Consult actoryf for. availability 6: Bar (Standard or High Pressure Supply) CASE STYLE 1: Standard. H: High Pressure. Supply 315 PSIG& Bar output ranges. onlySupply anger is 35 to IP (Current) and EP (Voltage) Transducers A transducer, typically used in HVACR systems, petrochemical processing and slurry processing, and general manufacturing, change pressure output of air and gases in direct correlation to the current or voltage input.

The Model 5000 is a microprocessor based, menudriven, dissolved oxygen meter designed to perform laboratory measurement of dissolved oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). The instruments menu system makes it simple to use. Instruction Manual D X012 May 2008 3311 Transducers Type 3311 CurrenttoPressure Transducers Contents 1.

Introduction currenttopressure transducer without first being fully trained and qualified in valve, actuator and accessory installation, operation and maintenance, Brandt STD5151 STD 5000 Current to Pressure Transducer B. About this product Show More Show Less. More items related to this product.

item 1 New Brandt STD5141 Std 5000 Ip Current To Pressure Transducer New Brandt STD5141 Std 5000 Ip Current To Pressure Transducer. 646. 05 9. 65 shipping. item 2 Brandt CurrenttoPressure Immune to shock and vibration, the Brandt currenttopressure (IP) transducer is built for rugged, industrial environments.

The fieldproven EPi transducer technology is a revolutionary breakthrough that provided the industry with its first solid state IP transducer. The 846 currenttopressure transducer, shown in figure 1, accepts an electrical input signal and produces a proportional pneumatic output. Typically, 4 to 20 mA is 5000 Series Rotors 5000, Plus, PRS, SAM Tech Spec How To Specify 5004SPLPCSAMRNPSS Model 5000 Series Rotors n s Pressure Nozzle Radius Flow FlowPressure Precip Precip 5000 Series Std.

Angle Rain Curtain Nozzle Performance. Standard Conditions are for an air density of 1. 2 kgm. ( Atmospheric air at a temperature of 16C, a pressure of 100, 000 Pa. and a relative humidity of 65 has a density of 1. 2 kgm, but these conditions Ensure reliable signal conversion in the most demanding industrial environments with Thermo Scientific STD5000 and STD6000 CurrenttoPressure (IP) Transducers.

Setting the standard in the industry for electronic input signal conversion, these transducers ensure accuracy, reliability and easeofuse to facilitate operations and increase productivity. Supply Pressure Standard: minimum of 3 PSIG and maximum of 10 PSIG above the maximum calibrated output High Pressure: for outputs of 315 PSIG and 0.

2 to 1. 0 BAR, supply range is 35 to 100 PSIG or 2. 4 to 6. 9 BAR; 4150K and 4160K Series Wizard II Pressure Controllers and Transmitters This term is defined in ISA Standard S51. 1. 2. The pressuretemperature limits in this document and any applicable standard or code limitation should not be exceeded. 3. This product can be used with natural gas. 0 to 5000 100 200 350 1500 3000 5000 115 230 380 1650

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