Isl ad86 5g manual

isl pac ad86 5g2 automatic distillation analyzer, sn: 3582, model: v. 115v 5060hz, includes new calibrated probe, new distillation flask, and new graduated cylinder.

ALSO INCLUDES OPERATING MANUAL. PDF OPERATING MANUAL. PDF THE ISL DISTILLATION ANALYZER AD 865G2 HAS BEEN DESIGNED FOR THE AD865G petr distillation test apparatus and cross reference part(s) AD865G. I S L North America Inc Destillatie analysator, ISL AD86 5G, AD86 5G, ISL, destillation analyzer, Destillation Analysator, analyseur de distillation, destillation, destillatie. Serienummer: 2200 ISL technology includes selfcontained automated analyzers, such as mini distillation, flash and fire point, viscosity, cold properties, evaporation loss; lubricants and asphalts testing equipment.

OptiFZP: Freeze Point. Manual Viscometer Bath for accurate temperature controls required for general laboratory use or as a constant temperature Getting Started. Sign Up; Installation Guide; System Requirements; Security; Port 7615 ISL user manual, ISL pdf, ISL instruction guide, owner manual, instalation, pdf, page 72 The AD86 5G2 is revolutionizing D 86 testing this completely independent analyzer truly maximizes precision, efficiency and versatility.

Networked, PCcontrolled operation& data management available with ISL's ALAN (Automatic Laboratory Analyzer Network) system 2way network programming; control operation from central ISLs AD86 5G2 is designed with customer satisfaction and years of quality performance in mind.

Automatic fire extinguishing system wmanual override In event of fire, heating automatically shuts off, builtin Ordering Information Model AD86 5G2Model AD86 5G2 delivered with all accessories necessary to immediately begin testing

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