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Note: This manual includes the important information of installation, operation, meanwhile, please keep the manual for any unexpected requirment. I. Oct 24, 2006  Does anybody have the terminal designations for the Switchmaster 400 e. g 1HW OFF, 2CH OFF etc. It would just help speed things up rather than me having to invistigate on site.

rocknroll Posts: 9611 Joined: 03 October 2005 The SM400 was so; N L 1 CH ON 2 3 HW ON 4 CH OFF i Know some of you get stuck with CH, Oct 16, 2012 Its a Switchmaster 805 and I want to get a newer digital programmer. What I dont know, is whether I would be able to get a new digital programmer and just attach it to back plate shown in the picture ive attached, which is what is there already.

Mar 14, 2013 Which heating programmer? Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by MrBmwTech, Mar 14, 2013. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next MrBmwTech Member. switchmaster sm400 programmer honeywell thermostat (that's been fitted in a unheated area of the house! ) water tank with thermostat and immersion heater Feb 17, 2013 This timer recently got removed due to a mechanical issue Mar 10, 2009 Confusingly, Switchmaster is a brand owned by Drayton, which is part of Invensys Controls.

The 400 is part of the 800 range. They call it the Switchmaster SM400. Sm400 switchmaster manuals Download delayed (confirmed in 24 hours max) SM400 SWITCHMASTER User's Guide SM400 SWITCHMASTER Installation Manual SM400 SWITCHMASTER Switchmaster 400 instructions fixya switchmaster 400 instructions Air Conditioners question.

Please where can I get an instruction manual Old switchmaster sm400 boiler timer use tutorial hd youtube, this timer recently got removed due to a mechanical issue. Switchmaster 400 instructions manual wordpresscom, switchmaster 400 instructions Dec 15, 2007  Unless you get a Switchmaster 400, other units WILL be wired differently though you will need to make a note of which wire is in which terminal before you disconnect.

However, one common fault is that motorised valves seize up, and fail to switch the flow as required. They often have" manual override" levers on the side, ACL Switchmaster SM 300, 980 N L 4 1 C Danfoss Randall MK. 18 Range TS E N L142 56 B Danfoss Randall Set 1& 4 E N L546 C Danfoss Randall 103, 103E& 103E7 2 C Danfoss Randall 911, 971 E N L5642 C Grasslin Towerchron DT71 N L342 C Grasslin Towerchron T2001, T2001Q E N L 7 C Switchmaster.

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Were in control. If youre replacing a central heating programmer you could just fit what was there before. Or go one better and fit Horstmann. Switchmaster 300 x x x x x 425 Coronet or CentaurPlus C11 or ChannelPlus H11XL

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