Aeware spa controls manual for vita

cabinet at ground level directly below the topside control panel. When This manual was written to ensure the proper use and installation of your hot tub. Any modifications to the spahot tub use may lead to unconsciousness with the possibility of drowning.

Most topside controls you see below were manufactured by Balboa Water Group& Gecko Alliance. In some cases spa manufacturers, such as Marquis Spas& Cal Spas exclusively used Balboa where as other spa manufacturers such as Coast Spa and Dimension Gecko Aeware spa control panels, keypads and overlays for hot tubs that use Gecko spa packs and equipment.

Contact us if you don't see the control panel you Hot Tub and Spa Controllers Control Panel. A spa controller runs the spa's pump, blower, and heater. Most spa controllers have the heater built into them, so the spa controller is also the spa heater.

Please read the instructions provided in this manual carefully to ensure optimal use of your IRMT4 Aeware remote control. IRMT4 Aeware instructions programming device control The IRMT4 Aeware can control up to four different devices.

CD or SPA). If you have set up the IRMT4 Aeware using the Searching For Your Code procedure, Depending on the spa configuration, in. k450 can control up to 3 pumps, a blower and lights.

Please refer to the spa user manual to identify the configuration of your spa. The following quick start instructions are based on a 2 pumps and light spa configuration.

2017 Smart Touch Control Quick Start Guide. 2017 Universal Owner's Manual (French) 2017 Universal Owner's Manual (German) 2016 Universal Owners Manual. 2015 Vita Spa Owners Manual. 2010 Vita Spa Owners Manual (Export) ICS (DreamPack) Vita Spa Owners Manual. Spa packs, controls, accessories, parts and more.

Gecko Depot. Advanced electronic controls and accessories for the spa and hot tub industry presented Aeware, Gecko, and their respective logos are Registered Trademarks Gecko of Alliance Group in k200, and in clear, and their respective logos are Trademarks Gecko of Alliance Group spa and hot tub industry today The in clear generates and releases bromine into the spa water, rapidly This user manual is an abridged version of IN.

K4503OP Aeware Topside Control BDLK4503OP" I don't know if u guys monitor this email address but i wanted to let you know how impressed i am with how View and Download Vita Spa Spa user manual online.

Spa Hot Tub pdf manual download. 460 Control System Indoor Installation Powerworks 760 Control System Water Capacity Users Pads Temperature Controls Spa System Components Jet Operation Temperature Lock Spa Components Temperature Unlock Panel Lock Jets, Air Controls& Valves Panel Hello, Theresa.

Thank you for contacting Aquatech for your issue. The flashing FLO msg means the heat has been deactived to the spa. The COOL msg means the spa View and Download ColumbiaSpas Aeware owner's handbook manual online.

Spas. Aeware Hot Tub pdf manual download. 120 VOLT INSTALLATION For spas with a Control Unit designed to operate at 120V, 60Hz. Page 7. Illustrations are for reference only. Your instillation may differ.

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