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The only complete and authoritative guide regarding NCCI class codes is a scopes manual, provided by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI). How to get official NCCI Codes The National Council on Compensation Insurance (but not all) states. Among these manuals are the Basic Manual (which sets out rules on the classification code system, (which details how NCCI intends the various classification codes to be assigned to various kinds of employment).

Order Mods and Worksheets Get a Class Code or Get a Rate Access Data Reporting Resources Access Circulars Access Manuals Submit an Assigned Risk Application EVENTS. NCCI Calendar The National Council on Compensation Insurance is the nation's most experienced provider of workers compensation information, tools, and services. They are the national council on compensation insurance and have helped add consistency for work comp classifications across state lines. With states that use the NCCI workers compensation class codes, the classifications remain the generally the same for each of those states.

Offers comprehensive descriptions of class codes, cross references, and state special classifications. This information is drawn from NCCI manuals, classification files, Underwriting Committee decision papers, and expert NCCI underwriting interpretations.

Basic Manual; Classification Codes and Statistical Code Manual; 3 March 2018 Classifications reprinted with permission of the National Council on Compensation Insurance, all rights reserved. Airplane toy manufacturing. 2790 Important notice to all NCCI Users concerning the National Correct Coding Initiative Policy Manual for Medicare Services:. The annual updated version of the National Correct Coding Initiative Policy Manual for Medicare Services is effective January 1, 2018.

Additionsrevisions to the manual have been italicized in red font. WORKERS COMPENSATION JOB CLASSIFICATION GUIDELINES classification codes developed by NCCI. Some states use their own coding system. In fact, the Scopes Manual, an NCCI reference manual, specifically states that automobile engine rebuilding should be classified in this category.

A copy of the And different classification codes carry differing manual rates, so the classification codes used on your Workers Comp insurance policy make a big difference in your Workers Comp insurance premiums.

For example, Code 8810, the clerical classification, carries a manual rate in most states of around 0. 40 per hundred dollars of payroll. A listing of NCCI class codes in both numeric and alpha formats is available to registered users from their online Scopes Manual. Manuals You may find the descriptions in several NCCI workers compensation manuals: Also keep in mind that the Scopes Manual is only a guide for workers compensation classification code determination for states using NCCI as an advisory or rating organization.

Its the classification codes as published in the NCCI Basic Manual that count! NCCI SCOPES AND RULE CHANGES 2017 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (NCCI). The purpose of the proposed changes is to bring BWC in accordance with revisions made by NCCI within its Scopes Manual publication which defines classifications and their use.

BACKGROUND NCCI CLASSIFICATION CODES TO BE ELIMINATED OR COMBINED The Scopes Manual is the industry standard workers compensation class code book containing numerical classification codes and the classification phraseology for each code used in classifying workers' compensation risks, including state special codes.

The NCCI Scopes Manual is available for purchase from NCCI.

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