Fujifilm ef-20 flashgun manually

Dec 21, 2012  The Fujifilm EFX20 Flashgun is a perfect fit for the X100 and is a versatile unit despite its tiny size Introduction The Fujifilm EFX20 is a quality piece of kit that features what Fuji calls its unique flash control technology, i Flash, which the manufacturer says can automatically optimize the amount of light suitable to every BL Shoe Mount Flash EF20 ENGLISH OWNER'S MANUAL FRANAIS DEUTSCH ESPAOL Page 2.

JA1 Page 3. JA2 Page 4. Overview: The Fujifilm EF20 is a shoe mount flash unit for use with Fujifilm cameras equipped with an accessory hot shoe, including the FinePix X100 and FinePix HS20.

Bounce Flash: The EF20 can be used for direct flash (0) or The EF20 can tilt 90 degrees up to allow you to bounce flash whereas the EFX20 is fixed facing forwards. The EFX20 can operate as a slave, which means it can be used off camera wirelessly. The EFX20 has EV controls as a simple dial and full manual control down to 164th. EN1 ENGLISH For Your Safety Be sure to read these notes before use Thank you for your purchase of this product. For repair, inspection, or internal testing, contact your FUJIFILM dealer.

Fujifilm EFX20 Shoe Mount Flash Fujifilm EF20 Shoe Mount Flash 3. 8 out of 5 stars 60. 99. 00. manual and auto modes under p and n modes of the flash. X mode of the flash can be use in any modes of the dial given that the camera's" external flash" is activated or switched" on". Enables flash compensation from 1EV to 1EV in increments of 13 stops in the TTL Auto mode. Enables flash output levels of 11, 12, 14, 18, 116, 132 and 164 in the Manual mode. Immediate visual confirmation of settings even when the unit is The builtin flash of my Fujifilm FinePix X100 is great but weak.

And its light is partially covered by the lens when shooting macro. So I tried the EF20 and I'm very happy with this decision. It is pretty light and fully compatible with the camera's TTL functions. Fujifilm EF20 overview 1 Description An extremely compact unit, the EF20 Flash from Fujifilm is compatible with Fuji cameras featuring TTL flash exposure control and offers a guide number of 66' at ISO 100 and 23mm.

Jul 17, 2011  First tests& learnings. In reply to ebrandon Jul 17, 2011 Thanks, that is an informatitve and timely study for me I just got my EF20 two days ago.

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