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Learn More. DFSORT adds the ability to do faster and easier sorting, merging, copying, reporting and analysis of your business information, as well as versatile data handling at the record, fixed positionlength or variable positionlength field, and bit level.

SyncSort is a utility available on both MVS and VM that can be used to copy, sort, merge, or count records. Many of the tasks performed by SyncSort can also be performed using other software. Sep 16, 2011 DFSORT JOINKEYS question: Where to put INREC and OUTREC? Showing 18 of 8 messages. Specialties: JOINKEYS, FINDREP, WHENGROUP, ICETOOL, Symbols, Migration When SYNCSORT supports the IFTRAIL enhancement introduced by DFSORT PTF UK that will provide a much simpler solution. Nov 16, 2011 FINDREP is findandreplace, I don't know if you have anything at all similar in your Syncsort manual.

BillyBoyo Global moderator Posts: 3804 I don't have a Syncsort manual. Have you tried in yours? Frank Yaeger's solution SQZ all the fields in one go. If you can't find any Syncsort way, you could try something like the following, with the DFSORT in JCL is the best reporting tool.

To generate complex reports from the input dataset especially in mainframe, you need to know how to use certain key parameters. Read more. SORT FINDREP, IFTHEN and INREC FINDREP Using SORT, you can FIND a value and REPLACE it with another value.

Suppose you have your input file as below: RAJESH TML RAMS TML SUNIL TML SURESH TML And you want your output file in this format RAJESH TPT RAMS TPT SUNIL TPT SURESH TPT Your SORT 1. what is the Syncsort version that supports FINDREP command? 2. Could we replace a valuestring with a specified column in a record?

From the DFSORT manual, I donot see the positional replace functionality in FINDREP. I donot have SYNCSORT to confirm on this. Though what you're trying to achieve can be done using PARSEBUILD, as BUILD At Syncsort, we organize data everywhere, to keep the world Findrep in syncsort manual. We use our experience so you can quickly extract value from your critical data anytime, anywhere. Our software is used by leading enterprises on premise and in the cloud to optimize their data infrastructure, assure the availability and security of critical data, and The OUTREC control statement allows Findrep in syncsort manual to reformat the input records after they are sorted, merged or copied.

The OUTREC control statement supports a wide variety of parsing FINDREP: Reformat each record by doing various types of find and replace operations. Example: DFSORT: ICETOOL MiniUser Guide November, 2009 Frank L. Yaeger DFSORT Team IBM Systems Software Development San Jose, California Internet: [email protected] ibm. com I think if you read the manual you'll also discover that there can only be one FINDREP on INREC, OUTREC or OUTFIL.

Exactly like BUILD for instance. If you need more, the manual shows, you can use IFTHEN. Back to top: You can use multiple FindREP. Here is an example Code: Nov 19, 2016 Hi& thanks. I realize an image would probably explain this better but let me try again.

Ex: Input file Record 1 has in position 46 and I want to change the SORT OUTREC TUTORIAL CHAPTER 3 OUTREC in SORT: OUTREC syntax. In OUTREC statement, you can reformat the record using below parameters. BUILD or FIELDS Build parameter is used to reformat record. Build give complete control over output file format. FINDREP Can do find and Replace operation using this parameter.

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