Date conversion in rpg 400 manual

To do the date format conversion we are going to take help of the three builtinfunction or BIFs date(), char() and dec(). Click here to learn valid RPGLE date formats date() This article covers the basics of date handling in RPG IV.

Since most of us are not at the most recent level of the operating system, yours truly youll notice I didnt even bother to convert the date variables to character first. This is because, when possible, the compiler will do it for you on the fly. Query400!

Read the Top i have on my rpg display screen a date field which format is DDMMYYYY Can someone throw some light on this date conversion for me in calculating the Age. Note: My AS400 release version is 'V4R4M0 so that latest date conversion functions will not work in our system. To: RPG programming on the IBM i (AS400 and iSeries) Subject: Re: CHAIN not found and subsequent READ docs wrong?

Thanks, Kurt, yeah, I hear you but the line I quoted says you CAN'T do a subsequent read operation unless you reposition the file. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Converting Dates.

November 30, You can read about the 12 standard formats in the iSeries WebSphere Development Studio ILE RPG Reference Manual. For example, where I work, we store most of our dates as YYYYMMDD in 8byte numeric fields. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Converting Dates Rational Development Studio for i ILE RPG Language Reference 7. 1 SC IBM To really take advantage of the AS400, you may need to go beyond RPGII to RPG400 syntax conversion and retool the particular function.

lousy RPGII which goes through no more than a syntax change will still be a lousy RPG program. use cvtdat convert date to convert date in any format like ddmmyy mmddyy yymmdd and you can even add separators in it Sorry this got wiped by a later answer so Im reentering it. Here you'll find a cheat sheet to convert dates in freeformat RPG. Whatever the reason, I was tired of trying to remember how to convert dates. DAYSPAST CLLE program for AS400: Compares object creation date with today's date; Load More.

Tracing a job; EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code) This document clarifies some potential misunderstandings about the semantics of UDATE (6digit date) and DATE (8digit date). IBM Semantics of UDATE and DATE in IBM RPG400 and ILE RPG This manual is a reference for the RPG400 (R) compiler. Topics covered in this manual include RPG specifications, RPG indicators, the RPG program cycle, operation codes, RPG words with special functions, arrays and tables, how to edit numeric fields, general file considerations, and doublebyte IBM RPG manual sayd, " The TEST operation code allows users to test the validity of date, time, or timestamp fields prior to using them.

" It has been around a long time. In fact, it

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